Monday, 9 April 2012

Happy Easter Everyone!!!


It's Easter today. I went to Covent Garden for "The Big Egg Hunt" which is pretty much the most popular event for the past few weeks. Originally, all the eggs were placed in different places in London but now they are all displayed in Covent Garden during the Easter weekend. Just wanna share with you some of my favourite eggs. Among all the them, my favourite is the Wally one. It's super cute, isn't it? Which one is your favourite Easter egg?

Btw, I also wanna share with you some pix from my Easter baking session hahah. They are banana chocolate cupcakes, on which I place two easter eggs to celebrate Easter.

今天是復活節。我去了柯芬園,因為倫敦近幾週為了慶祝復活節有個活動叫做"The Big Egg Hunt" 本來所有的復活節彩蛋都四散在倫敦的各個角落,但是這個週末所有的蛋都被移到柯芬園陳列展覽了。跟你們分享其中我最喜歡的幾顆蛋的照片,其中我的最愛是作成尋找威力的那棵蛋,真的超可愛的大家都搶著跟它拍照。你最喜歡的彩蛋是哪顆呢?


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