Wednesday, 4 April 2012

My Interview Outfit

I went to an interview today at Browns Fashion to apply for an intern at their Press Department. Just wanna share my interview outfits with you guys. The concept is to be semi formal and to show a bit of style as I am applying a job at the press department. Therefore, I choose a shirt with leopard print along with a formal blazer and then couple them with this amazing faux leather short which I received compliment from the interviewer(Normally it's not advised to wear shorts to an interview; however, since the length of the shorts is ok plus the material looks pretty formal, it can be a unique way of expressing yourself). Another important thing is the BOLD accessory to add some sparks to the whole outfit. The good news is ... I GOT THE JOB!!!

What I am wearing:
Blazer: Zara
Blouse: Zara
Necklace: Topshop
Short: Topshop
Ring: Marc by Marc Jacobs
今天我去了倫敦知名的精品店Browns應徵他們公關部門的Intern。在這邊小小分享我今天面試的穿搭:首先,因為我應徵的職位是精品公關部門,所以我服裝的重點在於呈現半正式的穿搭,為了避免太過正式給人死板的印象或是太隨性而給人不夠重視這個面試的感覺,我選擇有豹圖案的襯衫搭配看起來較為正式的短版外套,但是腰間的拉鍊隨性地拉開呈現一點小設計感,最後配上仿皮短褲(雖然面試最好不要穿短褲 但是因為這件長度不是非常短 加上材質看起來還ok 所以算是與眾不同的小心機)最後不要忘記加上大膽的配件為整體造型加分喔!好消息是...我被錄取了!耶~~~

外套 : Zara
襯衫: Zara
項鏈: Topshop
短褲: Topshop
戒指 : Marc by Marc Jacobs

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